Comic 123 - 1.Intermission.123

10th Jul 2019, 7:19 PM in Book 1: Endzone, Intermission
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Cliff Hansen 10th Jul 2019, 7:19 PM edit delete
Final page in the chapter!
Cliff Hansen 10th Jul 2019, 7:56 PM edit delete
This has been one crazy chapter. So much has happened, and all of it in one night in the comic book's time, yet it's taken me ten and a half months to draw the chapter! At this rate I'll be done with the series in, say, June of 2079...


...(RockB) 11th Jul 2019, 10:47 AM edit delete reply
Can't wait for the next part!

Perez got... moved? And these two did not. So it could be a little bit worse for Perez but not much - where will she end up? I'm still not fully done with the aliens-theory, they could be some kind of body snatchers.

And what happened to Thomas?

(I hope it doesn't take that long to tell the story. I would be > 100 by that time :-/)
Cliff Hansen 11th Jul 2019, 6:02 PM edit delete reply
Thanks! I'm trying some new things which will hopefully speed up my process. I'd really like to get back to a page a week if I could. Anyway, many of these answers are just a few pages away...