Comic 34 - 1.2.34

9th Mar 2018, 7:25 PM in Book 1: End Zone, Canto 2
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Author Notes:

Cliff Hansen 9th Mar 2018, 7:25 PM edit delete
Slowly peeling back the veil that is PĂ©rez's backstory. There's a lot going on here.


Miguel1982 13th Mar 2018, 6:44 AM edit delete reply
Wow! I want to know more about what is going on between Perez and the other soldier. Is the other soldier a medic? Also, I like seeing the beautiful flow of Arabic coming from the building, but not sure what it says, could you offer a translation? I like the reference to the Tuskegee Experiment, La Santa Muerte, and, yet again, chupacabras.
Cliff Hansen 13th Mar 2018, 8:18 AM edit delete reply
The story of soldier will definitely become more clear as the story unravels. Just in case my drawing is unclear, he's the same guy as the soldier we saw killed Perez's earlier flashback on page 24. Yes, he is also a medic, though--and almost certain fucked up their patches but I did the best I could--he is at a rank slightly higher than Perez.

As for the translation, I debated quite a bit if I would offer translations on the comic and in the end decided to try to just make the script so that they aren't strictly needed and context clues should get you there. But in this case, the Arabic says "Help me!"